logan 2

Logan is so good that it won’t matter if you missed all other movies from the X-Men saga. In case you’re not a comic fan, you probably can’t believe Wolverine has yet another movie. Forget everything you’ve seen before because this one should not be ignored. Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine once again, the mutant that will always satisfy your X-Men craving. He’s charm, and hunger for survival will have you hooked and you will not want to miss a second of this movie.

Director James Mangold, who shares script writing credits with Scott Frank and Michael Green, seems  to understand that the audience might be tired of the same old Wolverine fights. This movie is not at all what you are expecting. Do not fret, it holds the same kind of raw violence, action and adventure as the previous ones. You are in for an emotional roller coaster.

The movie starts with a gang trying to steal Logan’s car as he was taking a nap in it. Of course as soon as he wakes up the gang was no longer… well, alive. Then it is discovered that he is protecting his beloved mentor and friend, Professor X, who seems to be suffering from epilepsy. When your superpower is telepathy and you have seizures, well people may or may not die.

Logan was also has to protecting a little Mexican girl who turns out to be a mutant just like him. Literally just like him. As he goes on an adventure with this little girl, he discovers dangerous things that will not be revealed in this article. This movie contains Logan turning humans into pieces, doppelgängers into dust and you will cry at the end.