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22-year-old Amanda Ramirez, also known as @comptonsveryown_ or God’s Girl on instagram, was diagnosed with stage-3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma this summer. Far from letting herself get defeated, she’s fighting through with her love for makeup! Amanda told Yahoo! Beauty that she started to learn about makeup at the age of 19 and fell in love with the art of beauty.

Amanda’s motto is, “when you look beautiful, you feel beautiful.”  She has inspired thousands on Instagram by sharing her journey. Through chemo, she makes sure she looks flawless with her impeccable makeup, and poses for the camera with friends.

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Through all this, she’s managed to get even more self-confidence. She understands the importance of self-love, and empowers other women to love who they are. “Self-confidence came from years of learning about myself and learning to love who I am,” Amanda says. “For years I was bullied and fat-shamed, but I took the initiative to say enough! I’m beautiful regardless of my size, and it does not define me, nor anyone else for that matter. It’s important to me, because loving yourself is important—it’s vital to your well-being.”

Amanda constantly shows that she is strong as hell—not because she is fighting for her life, but because she claps back to her haters with a smile on her face and joy in her eyes.

As she was unable to keep her job after her diagnosis, she decided to set up a GoFundMe account titled, “Help Me Kick Lymphoma’s Ass!” On her page she writes, “I’m extremely positive, despite the way I physically feel, my mental state is very intact. There are days where I want to give up, but there are many people that look to me for comfort and assurance. I realize that it’s bigger than me, God has given me this to show the world that you can be fierce and strong while having a bit of vulnerability. I hope to inspire and help those whom don’t feel they can go on with something that weighs on the heart so heavily.” Anyone can help out this inspiring young lady by donating on her GoFundMe account.

We all have something to learn from Amanda—to love ourselves despite what others think, be fierce, help others, and most importantly, be a force of nature.